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When developers in Durham, NC, demolish an iconic tobacco auction house in the name of revitalization, they not only displace a community of artists, they also threaten the soul of the community. “The Rise and Fall of Liberty” examines the ebb and flow of Liberty Warehouse’s 80-year lifespan, draws parallels with the evolution of downtown Durham, and reveals the often touching, interdependent relationship between the two. It also raises key questions about the tension between the drive for progress and the character of the city.


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Documentary Feature Best Overall - Longleaf Film Festival


Official Selection Full Bloom Film Festival

Indigo Moon Film Festival

Carrboro Film Festival


The Rise and Fall of Liberty is a film by Carol Thomson. It is a project of the Southern Documentary Fund.


HUGE THANKS to everyone who contributed to our hugely successful Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign. We could not finish the film without you!

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